San Francisco Modern 3rd Story Addition

Client’s Response

“I have been working with him for a while. He is prompt and very knowledgable. And Friendly!! Project we are working is complex. I highly recommend him.”

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Project Highlights

The Large Addition and Remodel will result in a total of 6,000 square feet of Ground Floor Retail, 2 updated and enlarged 2nd floor Apartments and a new 2,000 square foot Penthouse Apartment for the Building’s Owner. Situated in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, the project will give new life to an area of the Mission that will benefit most from new development. The Minimalist Modern Design and Storefront references the adjacent ornate Victorian with window massing and proportions. The unique Penthouse apartment’s open floor plan includes a Mezzanine Level that will allow access to a Roof Deck. Expansive views of the Mission and San Francisco Skyline will be captured. Bamboo Planters will aid in privacy and screening adjacent neighbors. A unique Design Feature will have the large skylight for the work studio below surrounded by Bamboo above. The view from the Work Studio looking up through the skylight will be of towering Bamboo and blue sky. The large 2 storied Main Living Space will ample wall space and natural light to display the Owner’s Modern Art Collection.