My Painting informs my Architecture, and Vice Versa.  An instructor in a college course titled ‘Visual Training’ once commented I might consider being a Painter rather than an Architect.  Whether or not this was meant as a pejorative, I partially took him at his word. My goal early in my career was to both pursue Architecture and Painting.  With some early success, being featured as an emerging Artist at a well-established Chicago Gallery, I have consistently painted 1 – 2 paintings a year.  My career as an Architect has engaged me in the world and how things work.  My painting tends to be more insular and searching, seeking the essence of creativity and the effort to find purpose as an artist. Whether I reach these goals are part of the journey.  As an Architect I engage in the world and I am provided the opportunity to achieve creativity and artistry in an applied sense. My career as an Architect allows me the luxury in my Painting to pursue Art for Art’s sake. And in this way, my Painting informs my Architecture.